This week I had planned on writing three articles beginning with one on the coronavirus. However, after finishing the coronavirus article…I came down with the flu or a really bad cold. My symptoms are not the same as the coronavirus so I’m pretty sure I just got a regular influenza bug and I’m feeling somewhat better now. But not good enough to research and write two more articles, especially since I have my regular monthly Insurance Journal article and a CPCU newsletter article due this week…perhaps next week I’ll be back in the blogging business.

In the meantime, I did want to make sure everyone knew about my latest book called 7 Maxims of Time Management which became available on Amazon last week. Below are some excerpts.


7 Maxims of Time Management

Life is a balancing act that involves a never-ending series of decisions between what we want vs. what we should do, what we want vs. what others want us to do, now vs. later, important vs. urgent, work vs. play, activity vs. rest, and so forth.

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how you can get rid of the minutiae of unnecessary things and focus your time on the things that yield the greatest value to you and to people you value.

“Time management” is all about priorities and structure. It’s about simplifying, organizing, and habitually executing around balanced priorities within a structured framework.

Unless priorities are identified, all other aspects of time management are pointless and the result is most often motion, not direction, and activity but not accomplishment.

Determining priorities involves identifying what is important to you and sometimes what is important to people who are important to you. Without the proper balance between our priorities and relationships and our goals and roles, it is unlikely that success in one area will provide a high degree of overall satisfaction.

From the Preface “How I Invented Time Management”…

“The most important thing I learned from [Mungo] was the importance of prioritization, then organizing and executing around those priorities. This required me to THINK about what was important to me (and to people who were important to me), then establish a structure within which balanced and habituated value-added activities could take place that yielded positive results. It was only later in life that I discovered that this is what ‘time management’ is all about. With Mungo’s invaluable help, I had ‘invented’ time management but didn’t know it at the time.”

Available in ebook format for $6.99 at


Available on Amazon from the author….

The first two books include a free download of:

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