Author: Bill Wilson

Resolving Claim Disputes

What is the most effective way of resolving a property insurance claim and what roles do the agent, adjuster, and contractor play? I explore these issues in a podcast interview that focuses on the restoration industry.

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Parental Liability for Auto Accidents

An attorney or financial planner recommends that a child or other resident family member be removed from the parents’ auto policy and insured under their own policy. One reason is that, for example, a child had little or no assets or income to attach in a liability lawsuit. Another reason is that, absent a parental liability statute, the parents have little or no liability for the family member. This is VERY bad advice.

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One Article and Three Books

If you were wondering what to do with all of those Amazon gift cards you got for Christmas, I have a suggestion. In this blog post, I recommend two books totaling about 15 bucks in cost, each of which links to a FREE download of yet another book. I think these three books will inspire you and make you much more productive in the coming year in different ways.

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Looking for Feedback!

ACV vs. RC valuation on roofs, underinsurance vs. overinsurance, mandating policy coverage or at least minimum coverage standards. These are topics I’m researching in January. If you have feedback you can provide, please review this article and respond in the Comments or email me at Bill @ THANKS!

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My New Ebook

My ebook 52 of the Greatest Things Anyone Ever Said… and Why has gone live on Amazon and in 24 hours has become Amazon’s #1 New Release in the Quotational Reference book category. This ebook includes 52 of my favorite quotations, each with a brief essay about what the quotation means. While the ebook can be read in its entirety and in any order, it is designed so that each quotation and essay is read weekly over the course of the coming year and it can be accessed right from your phone or tablet.

BONUS! Purchasers of this book get a free PDF download of my book “QuoteNotes: The Ultimate Quotational Reference System and Authoring Tool for Professional Speakers and Writers” endorsed by Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy. This is an indexed and cross-referenced compilation of my 1,500 favorite quotes and includes a section on how to use quotations in your speaking and writing.

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