I’m swamped this week with webinars, conference calls, article deadlines, and learning how to use an Ebow to play the Hollywood Vampires version of David Bowie’s song Heroes for The Spyders‘ Friday night gig. So this week’s blog post I’m borrowing from Chris Burand….


This is reprinted from Chris Burand’s September 2019 newsletter. Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full ITL article:

Why should a consumer pay the same price for an amateur agent as they pay a professional agent? In fact, why should a consumer pay an amateur agent anything?

A professional agent, a truly professional agent, is someone who puts in the hours to learn and know the coverages in depth. A professional agent is someone who takes the time to work with clients to identify their needs, and actually does this every year for every renewal. At the very least, the agent makes a genuine effort to meet with clients at least annually to go over their needs, changes in coverages, changes in exposures and changes in their lives and businesses.

Professional agents do not just “BOP” every account. They actually understand what coverages in a BOP need enhancement to provide their clients with the coverages they truly need. An excellent example of an amateur agent is when a producer tells a client that he has automatic cyber coverage in the BOP. At best, such an agent might qualify for flag football.

Is this a harsh statement? Not really, because it is reality, and that agent can change reality by actually practicing and preparing and learning the coverages. These situations are fantastic examples of people being in charge of their own destinies. They can be a pedantic peddler of insurance, be lazy really, or they can endeavor to practice, to study, to prepare and to become a true professional who serves a vital purpose and protects their clients’ true well-being. The choice is completely yours, but the idea of actually being a professional while hardly ever practicing and preparing is dead. No more pretending.


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