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One Word

An insurer uses an ISO CGL policy, but with some seemingly minor changes in policy language. For example, in the CGL’s ‘auto’ exclusion, the insurer adds the word “nonownership.” One word. However, that one word guts much of the auto coverage included in the CGL policy.

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Is It ISO or Is It Memorex Insurance Company?

You’re asked by a business partner of your insured if coverage is provided by a particular ISO policy form “or its equivalent.” How do you know if a carrier policy form is pure ISO, modified ISO, or proprietary, and whether it’s “equivalent”? Or, you just attended a seminar or webinar on homeowners insurance using the ISO forms and you want to know whether your HO insurers are pure ISO or something else. How do you tell?

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Top 5 Certificate of Insurance Q&As

I have been writing about the Do’s and Don’ts of certificates of insurance for well over a decade, but the questions simply won’t go away. This article is a compilation of what I believe are the five most common COI questions I’ve received.

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Liability for Errant Golf and Baseball Shots

You hook a shot off the tee. After a glancing blow to the head of a prominent local attorney, the ball hits a passing car driven by a “golf widow” on a public road, then bounces through the window of the home of a municipal judge next to the fairway. Surprise…lawsuits are filed! Are you liable? Is the course liable? The answers may surprise you.

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