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Beware Online COI Systems!

Are you increasingly encountering online digital certificate of insurance verification or tracking systems? If so, are you aware of the potential liability issues involved in the use of these systems? This article identifies things to be wary of, especially if the vendor wants YOU to fund the system.

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Looking for Feedback!

ACV vs. RC valuation on roofs, underinsurance vs. overinsurance, mandating policy coverage or at least minimum coverage standards. These are topics I’m researching in January. If you have feedback you can provide, please review this article and respond in the Comments or email me at Bill @ THANKS!

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Work-From-Home Arrangements May Create Coverage Gaps

Most commercial property policies largely limit coverage for business personal property to that located at a described location. Increasingly, though, business property is being dispersed to the locations of home workers, creating a need for more current and relevant coverages, not to mention revisiting business limitations and exclusions in personal lines forms.

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Onerous Certificate of Insurance Requests

Are you ever asked to issue a certificate of insurance attesting that just about everyone in the entire state is an additional insured on your customer’s CGL policy? If so, let’s hope the remuneration from the contract requiring this is worth essentially giving away the insurance.

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A Certificate of Insurance Supreme Court Decision You MUST Read TODAY

If an agent says that someone is an additional insured on a certificate of insurance and they’re actually not, is the agent liable? Does such a misrepresentation by the agent create a liability for the insurer? Does such a misrepresentation override any disclaimers on the certificate? According to the Washington Supreme Court, the answer is “Yes, yes, yes.” Read on for the details and the lessons learned.

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