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Language vs. Logic

There are two ways to argue policy form coverage: language and logic. Sometimes the premise for or against coverage is clear in the form language, but the outcome is completely illogical. So, what wins, language or logic? This article explores each side of the coin and concludes with a third example that demonstrates what happens when language and logic combine to support an argument.

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Becoming a True Professional Agent

Are you or do you want to be a true professional insurance agents or a pedantic price peddler? Are you lazy or are you willing to study, prepare, and practice to become a true professional who helps individuals, families and organizations avoid financial catastrophe?

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Three Sources of Coverage Gaps That Lead to Claim Disputes

In my book “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes” I address three sources of coverage gaps that most often lead to claims disputes. Probably the most overlooked source is the failure to QC policy deliverables, specifically forms attached by a carrier that were not requested by the insurer. Here is a case in point….

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Why Forms AND Facts Matter

There are at least eight (8) reasons why some individuals cannot figure out why a claim is or is not covered. All too often this is due to the inability or, worse, unwillingness to read the policy. But in many instances the problem is the inability to review policy language in the context of the unique facts and circumstances of each claim.

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In Remembrance…

“Yesterday was my son’s 12th birthday but he didn’t spend it unwrapping presents or gorging on ice cream and cake. Most of our evening was spent solemnly observing unspeakable horror and devastation as the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded.”

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What ISO Form Numbers Mean and How To Use That Knowledge

The final insurance policy delivered to an insured usually has a list of form numbers. Do you know which of them are ISO forms and which are not? Can you sometimes tell from the form number that a particular included form might be troublesome? This article discusses how you can sometimes immediately spot endorsements that need your attention.

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