My blogging has been a little sparse this year. As indicated in several recent posts, I’ve been working on an insurance book titled “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes” and I’m pleased to report that I sent my final draft off to the publisher today for editing. A book cover should be finished this month and the book will hopefully go on pre-sale in May.

Whether you’re an agent, broker, underwriter, adjuster, consultant, risk manager, expert witness, attorney, or really weird person who likes to read insurance books, I think you’ll find this to be an interesting and relevant read and a reference book you’ll consult for years to come. It represents the culmination of a career that spans six decades and, if you’ve ever had a disagreement with someone about whether an exposure or claim is covered by an insurance policy, it reveals the principles and practices I’ve used for the past 30 years to resolve insurance coverage and claims disputes.

Here is a preview in the form of the tentative Table of Contents:

Gigantic Copyright and Disclaimer

Glossary of Terms

Warning! This Book Is Different From Any Other ‘Reference’ Book You’ve Ever Bought



In the beginning…


Scope of This Book

Why You DO and DON’T Need This Book

Purpose of This Book

Policy Interpretation Basics

Duty to Read the Policy

Policy Form Standardization

More on Policy Form Edition Dates

Policy Form Revisions

Policy Form Revisions…The Lighter Side

Policy Interpretation Doctrines

Summary of Main Points

Legal and Contractual Principles


Parol Evidence and Extrinsic Evidence


Reasonable Expectations

Entirety of Contract

Unconscionable Advantage

Illusory Coverage

Public Policy

Waiver and Estoppel

Detrimental Reliance

Reformation and Rescission

Breach of Contract

Duty of Utmost Good Faith

Substantial Performance

Statutory Supersession

Regulatory Directive

Agency Accommodations

Insurance Policy Interpretation

Eligibility vs. Coverage

Policy Foundational Documents


Insuring Agreements

Perils and Exclusions

Other Policy Provisions and Considerations

Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes

Tactical Procedures and Claim Resolution Steps

Step 0: Heading Off Denials After the Claim

Step 1: Read the Policy (Again)

Step 2: Interpret the Policy

Step 3: Research the Interpretation

Step 4: Plead Your Case

Final Words



Insurance as a Profession

Final Words


Standardized Policy and Processing Forms

Reference and Educational Organizations

Reference and Educational Materials

About the Author

Court Case Index

Key Word Index

Stand by for more details in the near future.

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