I’m currently on a short hiatus speaking and vacationing but will resume blogging soon. Here are some of the topics I plan to blog about this summer and fall:

“Youngsters” in Insurance
Now that I’m a grizzled veteran, I can refer to 20-somethings as “youngsters.” Since Millennial Mania took over a few years ago, we’ve heard a lot about about millennials and whatever we call the generation that is coming along now. In my opinion, most of the characteristics that have been attributed to millennials is little more than stereotypical clap trap. But I will be the first to admit that I’ve been critical of the current generation’s attention to the technical side of the industry. I’m changing my mind based on what I’ve learned about a certain young lady in Florida. I’ll tell you more when I return from this short hiatus.

Do You Counsel & Sell or Do You Rate & Write?
If approached by a prospective customer, as an agent do you fire up your comparative rating system and give the customer the choice of the lowest quotes? Or do you engage them in exposure analysis and attempt to match them up with the right insurance products for their unique exposures with the mission in mind to assist them in minimizing a serious risk of financial loss? We’ll examine the consequences of these approaches when I blog about this pervasive “insurance is a commodity” perspective.

The Top 5 Certificate of Insurance Q&As
I was asked by the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents to write an article enumerating what I thought were the Top 5 COI issues of the past 10-15 years. As soon as their article is published, I’ll run it here.

We’re Being Disrupteloded!!!
I’ve written quite a bit here and on LinkedIn about insurtech startups and admittedly most of it hasn’t been complimentary. But LinkedIn tells me that some high profile insurtech folks are reading what I write and recently I was contacted by a startup employee and a venture capital employee about doing some consulting work regarding “disruptive” (or “disrupteloded,” as one of them put it) ventures. In an upcoming blog, I’ll give you an idea of what they propose. You won’t believe it.

Belts and Suspenders
Another article I wrote recently was for the CPCU Coverage, Litigators, Educators, and Expert Witness (CLEW) interest group newsletter. Once they run the article, I’ll post it here. It’s about the importance of applying a risk management “belt and suspenders” approach to managing risk. The examples I cite include the difference between an additional insured and an indemnitee on a CGL policy and whether you should buy the rental car loss damage waiver.

I will be back blogging very soon. In the meantime, don’t forget that my new book “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes” is now available at www.WhenWordsCollideBook.com. You can also get the print and Kindle versions on Amazon (right now Amazon is discounting the print version 20%, but hurry!). And, if you’ve already read the book or you’re working on it and you like it, please leave a positive review on Amazon (if you don’t like it, please keep that to yourself and me :-). I have put together a presentation based on the book that I can do in a 90-minute to 3-hour time slot…let me know if you’re interested in a keynote and book signing (I’ll be at the Florida Association of Insurance Agents convention next week).

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