I’m going to be taking the next 2-3 weeks off from blogging then I’ll likely be blogging on a reduced schedule until mid june. At least that’s my plan, so if you don’t get your weekly Wednesday digest email or there’s maybe only one blog post, it’s because of my temporarily reduced schedule.

When I resume full-time blogging, look for some of these topics:

  • How to get sued for being too helpful!
  • Do you know if the auto policies you sell have an exclusion for texting while driving?
  • Do company visitors waste too much time of agency staff? If so, here’s how to fix that.
  • Faulty workmanship…CGL occurrence or not?
  • The 7 Habits of Insurance Professionals
  • Attorneys trolling for ADA website noncompliance
  • Big Foot, Nessie, Aliens, and “Full Coverage”
  • Selling on Price
  • Credit scoring discrimination?
  • Uber insurance problems
  • Personal Lines additional insured issues

So, I’m letting you off easy for a few weeks. With all that spare time, can I ask a favor? If you think this blog is worthwhile*, please recommend that your fellow agents, underwriters, adjusters, risk managers, attorneys, or others who might benefit consider subscribing. It’s free and they are welcome to reprint any of my blog posts with attribution. Perhaps there is a particular blog post you can email a link to as a recommendation? Also, consider following me on Twitter and subscribing to my LinkedIn discussion group…I sometimes tweet and post on LinkedIn about issues I don’t necessarily blog about.

Thanks and I’ll see you soon.

* InsuranceCommentary.com was just chosen in the Top 5 of Insurance and Legal Blogs.

P.S. We’re also on Agency Nation’s “25 Insurance Resources Every Independent Agent Should Subscribe To”


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