Litigation Support

My primary expertise is in policy coverage analysis and interpretation. My experience in responding to many tens of thousands of coverage questions over a 40+ year career has often resulted in the resolution of claims without the time and expense of litigation.

I have been contacted by attorneys and other consultants about serving as an expert witness. I have some experience in that area but depositions and courtroom testimonies are not priorities for me at the moment. I would consider “litigation support” on a selective basis. That is, I might be willing to consider providing an expert opinion in coverage or claims disputes that quite possibly would lead to resolution without costly, time-consuming litigation. My fee for this service is $450 per hour.

NOTE: I am currently not taking on any expert witness work. I already have an almost full 2021 schedule of speaking and writing. If you are looking for a coverage opinion, I may be able to carve out some time for that. Otherwise, I will be happy to refer you to some of the best expert witnesses in the country.

Coverage Consulting

In addition to litigation support, I offer coverage consulting to agents, underwriters, adjusters, risk managers, and other non-legal professionals. My fee for coverage consulting is $250 per hour for ISO forms and $350 per hour for non-ISO forms. If you are an agency member of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, a limited form of this consulting is available through the Big “I” Virtual University’s “Ask an Expert” service of which I am a volunteer faculty member. Important: If you want a coverage or claim opinion and litigation is likely, do NOT use this or any other service without consulting with your E&O carrier since such communications could increase your liability through discovery.

Other Consulting

Over 40 years of industry experience also yield a base of knowledge beyond coverage analysis. As a result, I have also been contacted by insurance agencies and other industry organizations about consulting in areas such as the processing of certificates of insurance, E&O loss control, customer service, time management, and public speaking. I have not yet made a decision about whether I will actively engage in consulting activities, though a particular request might be too intriguing to resist. My fee for non-litigation support consulting is $350 per hour, discounted to $250 per hour for insurance agencies who are members of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America.

Questions and inquiries: