At the bottom of every page of my blog, there is a link on the right side of the page that says “Reprints.” This link takes you to a section of my web site that basically says, with some attribution limitations, you are free to reprint any of my blog posts you like in your newsletters, on your web site, etc.

To date, I’ve written almost 400 articles just on this blog. This is in addition to the thousands of articles I wrote in my 28 years working for the Big “I” nationally and at the state level. Big “I” members still have access to many of these articles in the Big I Virtual University research library. So, the question is, how do I find the right article I’m looking for among the ones on the blog?

Well, you can search the blog using key words or, if you’re looking for an article of a particular length, you can get a Word document that has a list of most of the articles on my blog. This list includes the article title, word count, and whether the article is personal lines, commercial lines, both, or neither. I have not posted this document yet online, but if you’d like to contact me at, I’d be glad to email it to you.

In addition, while I’ve been lax lately in blogging, I post fairly regularly on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me at my LinkedIn page.

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One of the premier insurance educators in America on form, coverage, and technical issues; Founder and director of the Big “I” Virtual University; Retired Assoc. VP of Education and Research from Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. Reprint Request Information