When I was with the Big “I” several years ago, the Virtual University’s “Ask an Expert” service received the following question from an agent acting on behalf of his customer:

“Two questions, please:

“I have an in-home ‘business’ involving the manufacturing and distribution of toys for children. I do not charge for these toys and earn no income from them. I have both on- and off-premises exposures for damage to the toys, my personal property, and my liability. Does my HO-3 cover me?

“I also operate a vehicle that travels largely by air, but with very frequent ground stops. The vehicle is unlicensed and, while it can be used on public roads, it was not designed as such nor is it used that way. Will a personal auto policy protect me, is my homeowners sufficient, or do I need a recreational vehicle policy?

“Thanks very much for your kind consideration. If possible, please respond before December 24.

“Merry Christmas!


For the answer to these questions, CLICK HERE.

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