Agents and underwriters know who ISO is but many do not know what ISO can do for them and their customers. The following is a recent 50-minute recorded webinar from ISO’s “Monday Web Seminars” series:

Field Survey Services: Emerging Issues, Protection and Challenges

Aside from its policy form and statistical agent functions, “ISO” provides P&C inspection services for loss control and underwriting purposes. Understanding what goes into ISO’s loss cost and underwriting reports is important in that this information can be used to identify loss exposures and their impact on premiums. Understanding the issues surrounding ISO’s inspection services can go a long way in assisting you in booking and retaining business.

This video does an excellent job of explaining the basics of sprinkler systems and pointing out issues that you can address with prospects and customers to ensure that they have the proper coverage and rating. It also includes dozens of photos of hazardous conditions and situations that you can look out for when visiting businesses.

In addition to sprinkler and other property issues, the webinar includes liability exposures and discussions of emerging issues that may impact underwriting, coverage, rating, and loss control. There is contact information and a downloadable PDF for future reference or if you have questions about the webinar content or about what services ISO has available and their cost.

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