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BI Worksheets Suck!

In my early ISO days, I used to assist agents in completing BI worksheets. One of the biggest obstacles in quoting BI coverage was the time it took to complete the worksheet then NOT make the sale.  Years later, in conjunction with the Texas Big “I”, I came up with a one-hour program on “How to Calculate Business Income Limits (and Coinsurance Percentage) in 5 Minutes.”

It, at best, gives a ballpark retail BI estimate (limit and coinsurance percentage) that needs to be refined to the underwriter’s satisfaction by completing the worksheet, but it may serve the purpose of doing a relatively quick quote (though admittedly the “5 Minutes” is perhaps a little underestimated for the time it takes).

If any InsNerds followers or subscribers to my blog want a copy, email me at and I’ll email you a PDF of the PowerPoint that includes my presentation notes. I don’t know how easy it will be to follow along without the actual presentation, but you might find it educational and useful. The webinar I did on this in 2014 is still available for a fee at the IIABA web site:


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