“How to Increase Your Commissions by *50%”

  Applying proven time management principles to improve sales performance


* Or any percentage you choose.


How do you increase your commissions by 50% (or more) in a year?

  1. Set annual sales goals
  2. Plan monthly production
  3. Schedule weekly sales activities
  4. Prioritize daily sales efforts


What are the steps in accomplishing this?

Step 1:  Evaluate production during the last year

Step 2:  Evaluate commissions during the last year

Step 3:  Establish an annual revenue goal for the coming year

Step 4:  Determine commission goals during the coming year

Step 5:  Determine production goals during the coming year

Step 6:  Establish a new business production plan for the coming year


How do you do this?

Download my FREE simple 8-page PDF document How to Increase Your Commissions by 50%”

Download my $6.99 comprehensive 134- page ebook 7 Maxims of Time Management from Amazon which fills in the blanks in the free document.


A great holiday and New Year’s gift for the insurance producer that has everything…except sales success!

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