You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in about a month. It’s not that I don’t have some interesting topics to present. I have articles planned on intentional losses, dispelling insurance myths, host liquor liability, and others. So many topics, so little time. As some of you know, in semi-retirement I play in a band I started a few years ago called The Spyders…check us out on Facebook and YouTube. Lately, we have been playing a LOT, adding a new band member, and increasing our classic rock repertoire to about 150 songs.

However, I do write a monthly column for Insurance Journal magazine, probably the most widely read industry publication in the country. So, given that my schedule continues to be hectic this summer (lots of coveted marina gigs for wealthy boat owners who drink and tip big :-), I thought I’d redirect you to a couple of my recent IJ articles.

My June article is entitled “Folklore Is NOT Fact” and I dispel the notion that there is value in answering a question like, “Does ‘a’ homeowners, CGL, etc. policy cover….?” Generalizing to an insured about coverage is dangerous in that it may create coverage expectations not supported by the actual policy language. I give specific examples in this article to illustrate this point and support the “RTFP!” Doctrine.

Given that the Fall semester at colleges around the country begins in a couple of months, my May article addresses the critical importance of “Insuring College Students.” Do college students now need their own property, liability, and perhaps auto insurance? Or are they still covered by their parents’ policies? Does a kid at college perhaps have a greater need for umbrella coverage than his or her parents? This article raises important issues that you’ll want to address BEFORE your customers’ children go off to college.

My July article (not yet published) will answer the question “Should You Buy The Rental Car Damage Waiver?” I’ll post a link to that when the article is published and, in the meantime, you can search my blog for “rental car” or “damage waiver” to see articles I’ve posted on this in the past.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I will try to be more diligent in blogging when summer passes.

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