If you were not aware, I have a LinkedIn profile with several thousand connections:


More important to me, I have a LinkedIn Discussion Group:


Some of the posts I make here also appear in this discussion group, especially if I’m looking for feedback or opinions, since I have more LinkedIn connections than blog subscribers.

However, I post quite a few things ONLY on my LinkedIn discussion group and NOT on my blog because the issue may not lend itself to an article or full blog post. I may only link to an article on LinkedIn or elsewhere. Or, again, I may have a topic where I’m far more interested in YOUR opinion or thoughts than providing my own opinion or explanation.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and, after doing that, become a member of my LinkedIn Discussion Group. Here is a sampling of LinkedIn discussion group posts I’ve made that do not appear on my blog:

Got 3 minutes to spare? Visit my LinkedIn profile page and connect with me, then join my LinkedIn Discussion Group. Thanks!

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