The avalanche of industry-transforming insurtech startups continues. Here are some of the latest news blurbs:

Headline:Aviva to Slash Prices with ‘Game-Changing’ Concept

Concept: To sell insurance without asking applicants any questions.

Quote: “What’s our long-term goal? To go from Ask it Once to Ask it Never – so customers don’t have to answer any questions at all.”

Observation: How about a long-term goal of protecting individuals and families from catastrophic financial ruin? I just had my annual physical. My doctor said his new concept was to not ask me any questions and to get me in and out of his office in 2-3 minutes. That’s the kind of “customer experience” I want when my life is on the line. How about you?

Note: More on Aviva in a future blog post.

Headline:InsurTech Startup Gets a Boost for Smartphone-Only Policies

Concept: To provide “Insure-a-thing” coverage for things like “flights, baggage and weddings.”

Observation: Hmm, travel insurance and wedding insurance. Something that revolutionary certainly deserves an $8 million infusion of cash.

And I’ll bet you that these “game-changers” have a phone app to distinguish them from everyone else. Apparently this is the insurtech equivalent of a guitar amplifier that goes to 11.

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