Over three years ago, I blogged about “Efficiency vs. Effectiveness.” At that time, I was working on a time management book based on a workshop I had done for a number of years. Finally, last year I published the book after setting it aside for two more time-sensitive books that I needed to publish. My time management book can now be found on Amazon in Kindle format:

7 Maxims of Time Management”

Given that we are beginning a new year and undoubtedly many of you have set goals as New Year’s resolutions, I think you’ll find this book to be invaluable in accomplishing those goals because the book focuses more on “effectiveness” (what I refer to as macro time management) than “efficiency” (what I refer to as micro time management).

If you take a look at the very brief “Efficiency vs. Effectiveness” article, you’ll also see that I mention another ebook of mine that is available on Amazon:

52 of the Greatest Things Anyone Ever Said…and Why

This week is also an opportune time to check out this book. It consists of a weekly quotation and very short essay about what the quotation means. While you can read the book in its entirety, the intent is to read one quote/essay each week throughout the year. We’re now almost a week into the new year, but being a Kindle book, you can download it immediately and begin the 52-week reading assignments.

Each book is priced at only $6.99 and each book includes a link where you can download a FREE copy of the first book I ever published:

QuoteNotes…The Ultimate Quotational Reference System and Authoring Tool for Professional Speakers and Writers

So, you can get three very useful books for about 15 bucks. And the “QuoteNotes” book, which includes 1,500 indexed and cross-referenced quotations (along with an explanation on how to use them in your speaking and writing) downloads in PDF format so you can duplex print it if you like.

I know you were debating how to use all of those Amazon gift cards you got for Christmas, so here you go!

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