Virtually all homeowners policies extend property and liability insurance to pedal-powered bicycles and tricycles. However, many, if not most, homeowners policies today exclude e-bikes for property and liability coverage. To illustrate, one carrier’s homeowners policy defines “E-bike” as follows:

“E-bike” means a bicycle or tricycle that can run on electric power or by pedaling.

I suspect is that the policy language drafter(s) are attempting to exclude vehicles self-propelled by electrical power AND those that are pedal-assisted. However, as phrased with the word “or,” that’s not what the cited language says.

Take a look at the photo. The pictured vehicle can’t run on electric power, but it can run by pedaling. According to the definition above, it’s an “E-bike” if I can be run by either electric power or pedaling. All regular bicycles and tricycles can be run by pedaling and, according to this language, would be excluded.

I doubt that this was intended by the policy drafter(s).

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