Over the past year, I’ve plugged the daily blog of Seth Godin and, with his permission, reprinted a couple of his blog posts with my own observations. Here is another short, sweet and to-the-point blog post from Seth:

The Other Kind of Customer Service

Reactive customer service waits until something is broken. We leave it up to the annoyed customer to go to the trouble of finding us, contacting us, and then, in real time, advocating for themselves until we finally manage to make things good enough (we rarely make them better than the customer hoped).

Perhaps we ought to spend more time being proactive.

How many people on your team are actively advocating for the customer in advance? Guiding the process so that most disappointments won’t even happen, which means we won’t have to fix them…

Is there any more effective way to engage with customers than to create products that don’t break their hearts?

As I’ve mentioned over the past month or so, I’m in the process of writing a book with the working title of “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes.” It’s both a reference and an educational book explaining how and why I’ve assisted agents over the past 30+ years in getting claim denials reversed.

When I read this blog post from Seth, it hit on one of my points.

A critical attribute of a good agent is as being a customer advocate at claim time. Perhaps of even more value is the agent with the technical chops to properly cover loss exposures to begin with.

Are you reactive or proactive? I hope it’s at least one of these and, preferably, the latter.

P.S.  I highly encourage your to subscribe to Seth’s blog. You can do that by clicking the link above (or clicking here) and simply enter your email address.

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