Over the years, I have subscribed to many newsletters and, more commonly today, blogs. But there is a limit to how much time one can invest in perusing them. As a result, in recent years, I have culled my preferred reading list down to just a few daily, weekly and monthly publications. In case you’re interested, the following are the only ones I currently subscribe to.


Randy Maniloff’s Coverage Opinions


I only religiously read three attorney publications…Maniloff’s and Kohane’s monthly newsletters and Merlin’s daily blog (see below). As an award-winning stand-up comic, Randy Maniloff is by far the funniest and the easiest read. He also happens to be one of the best insurance coverage defense attorneys in the country and is the co-author of one of my favorite insurance reference books, General Liability Insurance Coverage.

Dan Kohane’s Coverage Pointers


Combining whimsy with historical information, Dan Kohane’s monthly newsletter is full of important legal decisions from around the country. I can’t remember an issue in years that didn’t have at least one, and usually several, cases that would be of benefit to agents, underwriters, adjusters, risk managers, and other industry professionals.

Chris Burand’s Insurance Agency Adviser


Chris Burand is one of the very best insurance agency consultants in the country. His monthly newsletter is a must-read for any insurance agent wanting to be more successful. He pulls no punches in speaking out about important industry issues that impact insurance agencies and carriers.

Al Diamond’s Pipeline


I have been a subscriber to Al Diamond’s newsletter for probably close to 20 years. Al is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced agency management consultants in the country. His monthly newsletter features practical information and tips that will make your agency more successful and his web site is full of archived articles on critical agency issues.



InsuranceThoughtLeadership.com’s Six Things


Several thousand articles from several hundred industry thought leaders. Subscribe to this newsletter from ITL editor Paul Carroll which features six new articles each week from the rapidly growing ITL library. If issues like insurtech and industry disruption interest you, you’ll find a significant focus on emerging technology and startups, both pro and con.

Bill Wilson’s InsuranceCommentary.com


OK, OK, so a little self-promotion. Selected as a Top 5 Insurance and Legal Blog for 2017, this weekly blog usually includes 1-5 posts in each weekly emailing, though each post is individually published on the web site as written. Articles are usually about coverage and claim issues or opinion pieces about industry developments, from “disrupters” to data analytics. If you’re reading this, you probably already subscribe, but what’s keeping you from recommending it to others?



Chip Merlin’s Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog


The Merlin law group represents policyholders against insurers and agents, but this isn’t the kind of plaintiff’s law firm that you usually see advertising on the Jerry Springer show. These folks know and understand insurance law and Chip’s daily blog even-handedly discusses issues, often using case law that supports claim denials in order to educate consumers and business owners on how to stay out of trouble.

Shefi Ben-Hutta’s Coverager


Coverager is the place to get the latest on all that’s happening in the insurance industry, both domestic and international, with an emphasis on insurtech start-ups and “disrupters.” This daily newsletter is visually stunning with always something interesting. Each email says, “This is a really good email. It took a long time to write but it’s a short read. That’s what makes it so good.” True dat.

Seth Godin’s Seth’s Blog


Seth Godin is a 21st century philosopher. His daily blog is literally the first thing I read each morning. It is usually a very quick read, is always interesting and, on many occasions, is profound. If you want to kickstart your brain each morning and be inspired, subscribe NOW.

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