When I was with the Big I, I did lots of webinars and spoke at lots of conventions and conferences. I do less of that today because I spend much more time writing. I’m currently working on a noninsurance book that should be published this fall, then plan to write an insurance book about resolving coverage and claims disputes, co-authoring a book with an attorney about insurance and risk management in the construction industry, then writing two more noninsurance books on time management and presentation skills based on seminars I’ve done on these topics.

However, THURSDAY (July 19) I’ll be doing a webinar for the Academy of Insurance (the Insurance Journal people) on certificates of insurance that includes quite a bit of information on contractual liability and additional insured issues, followed by example after example of stuff you’re asked to put on certificates of insurance. I’ll tell you what to look out for and WHY you shouldn’t do what you’re asked. If you have the time (they are also recording it), please consider registering here:


And, in September, I’ll be doing a similar presentation at the CPCU annual convention in Orlando, though there will be a greater focus on contractual liability and additional insured issues than certificates of insurance. If you plan to attend the CPCU convention, please consider attending my session or at least stop by and say hello.

OK, this blog post will self-destruct in a couple of days. If you want to attend Thursday’s webinar, you need to sign up ASAP, by the end of the day on Wednesday if at all possible. If you can’t be available at the time of the live broadcast, the webinar is being recorded and you can check it out later.

Hope to see you Thursday and/or in Orlando in September.

P.S. Barring unforeseen events, next week, I’ll announce the winner of the RTFP! tshirt based on the responses I received from my blog post about the BBQ grill on a trailer. I’m also planning a blog post about a car hood that flew up in a windstorm and damaged a vehicle…comprehensive or collision?

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