My musical escapades continue. My band, The Spyders, have been playing every week since April and I’m headed to a week-long guitar and songwriting workshop this week, so my blogging time has been limited. However, my monthly Insurance Journal article continues to be published in their national and regional editions. You can find the online version here:

Should You Buy the Rental Car Damage Waiver?

In addition, search my blog for “rental car” and/or “damage waiver” and you’ll find some other articles that dig a little deeper, including my “Top 10 Reasons to Buy the Loss Damage Waiver” article that has been published all over the internet.

When you rent a car, your risk of loss can be significantly greater than when you drive your own car…it’s likely a vehicle you’re not familiar with and you’re usually operating it in an unfamiliar area. Increased risk requires a broader risk management approach than just insurance (especiaclly since most auto policies have significant coverage gaps for this exposure)…contractual risk transfer via a damage waiver is one technique I almost always recommend.

I plan to get back in the blogging saddle soon with an article about the danger of class code endorsements and other topics.

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