My speaking preference is for keynoting conferences and conventions or their general sessions on important industry issues. I have addressed groups as small as 4 people and as large as 7,000. My current hot topics include:

  • “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes”
  • “Why Insurance Doesn’t Cover the COVID-19 Pandemic”
  • “The 10 Greatest Things Anyone Ever Said…and Why”
  • “Data ANALytics, Predictive Modeling, Credit Scoring, and Other Forms of Voodoo Insurance Pricing”
  • “What I’ve Learned in 50+ Years in the Insurance Industry”

Keynotes are typically 60-90 minute presentations.


I can do longer seminars on any of my keynote topics. Here is a representative sample of seminar and webinar topics I’ve recently presented or co-presented:

  • “When Words Collide: Resolving Coverage and Claims Disputes”
    Earlier title: “How to Win Friends…and Influence Adjusters”
    Original title: “How to Battle an Adjuster…and Win Every Time!”

Based on the book:

  • “Certificates of Insurance…Or How I Got a Job in the Prison Laundry”
  • “The Additional Insured Illusion…and Other Feats of Contractual Risk Transfer Even David Copperfield Couldn’t Pull Off”
  • “Raiders of the Lost Coverage…Insurance Jones and the Temple of Exclusions”
  • “Emerging Insurance Pricing Mechanisms”
  • “Finding and Fixing Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps”
  • “Finding and Fixing Personal Lines Coverage Gaps”
  • “Horrible Policy Forms and Endorsements to Avoid or Be Wary Of”
  • “Insurance in the Headlines…What’s Going On?”
  • “Insurance Is NOT a Commodity!”
  • “Insuring Public Entities”
  • “Monitoring Insurer Stability and Solvency”
  • “Policy Geography”
  • “The Dumb Things We Do”
  • “The 7 Maxims of Time Management”
  • “Presentation Skills for the ‘Unprofessional’ Speaker”
  • “The VU Top 10 Countdown”
  • Various E&O and ethics presentations, including “24 Ways to Get Into So Much Trouble Even Agent Jack Bauer Can’t Save You”

Seminars are typically 2-3 hour presentations.


Same topics as seminars, just a lower cost due to no travel related fees or expenses. Webinars are typically 1-2 hour presentations.


I can do brief webcasts on condensed versions of seminars and webinars or single issue or limited topic presentations. Webcasts are typically 30-45 minute presentations.

References and Testimonials

Email me for as many references as you’d like. Here are some testimonials from presentations I made at a Society of insurance Trainers and Educators (SITE) conference and a webinar for the CPCU Society:

— SITE Presentation

  • “Single best speaker I’ve heard at SITE this year. Please bring him back!!”
  • “Well done – definitely got our attention, especially for those newer to training.”
  • “Excellent instructor who makes his audience comfortable.”
  • “Excellent material and great use of examples. Great job!”
  • “This could be a full day session and would still be valuable and engaging.”
  • “He was great. Great info. Very knowledgeable.”
  • “Great master of coverages and great examples.”

— SITE Presentation

  • “Hands down the best presentation of the conference!
  • “Truly authentic speaker. Please have him back.”
  • “He has winning ways and most entertaining.”
  • “He is knowledgeable, engaging and funny.”
  • “Great presentation. Great presenter.”
  • “Fabulous. Bill did an exceptional job. Very entertaining. Wealth of knowledge.”
  • “Excellent speaker who got my attention!”
  • “He is a natural educator.”
  • “You are so awesome.”

— CPCU Webinar

  • “The presenter was awesome, kept my interest the whole time.”
  • “The pace and information of the presentation were excellent – nice balance between timing and information.”
  • “I loved the real life examples. It helped me understand the objective.”
  • “I enjoyed the speaker’s perspective of viewing change through his many years of experience.”
  • “Presenter was very knowledgeable about the industry and was very pragmatic.”
  • “The speaker knew his subject matter.”
  • “I really enjoyed this speaker: he kept my attention, seemed passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter, and offered a hopeful message.”
  • “The speaker was very informative and provided excellent real world examples.”
  • “Very informative.  Bill is clearly an expert on this subject.”
  • “Great presentation. Speaker was very knowledgeable and thorough.”
  • “Very informative and presented with a good sense of humor.”


— Keynotes and Seminars

$3,500 per presentation plus reasonable travel expenses. This fee may be negotiable by contracting for multiple sessions, especially at the same venue. If you want a program customized specifically for your group, the fee is $4,750++.

— Webinars and Webcasts

$850 per presentation hour ($500 min. for webcasts).

Questions and inquiries: