If you ever saw the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk,” you recognize the title of this blog post. His character, Navin Johnson was thrilled that the new phone book was being delivered because his name was in it, so he was running around yelling, “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” I can empathize with Navin because the book I have been working on for the past year is finally being delivered. My enthusiasm, though, is less about my name being on it and more about how valuable a tool I think you’ll find it to be.

You can now order “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes” and the printed version will actually be shipped to your doorstep. By the end of this week, the book should be available on Amazon, but you can order it now by clicking here:


Even when the book is available on Amazon, we (the publisher and I) request that you order it directly from the publisher because Amazon gets a hefty cut of any books ordered from their web site. However, if, after reading the book, you would like to review it, please do so on Amazon. This assumes you really like the book. If you don’t…shhhhhhh.

“When Words Collide” represents 30+ years of assisting independent agents in getting initially denied claims paid. I reveal all of my secrets that have lead to what I believe is a 90%+ rate of overturning such denials when convinced that there is another reasonable interpretation of the policy language or that application of an extracontractual principle applies. And, while the perspective is often from the agent’s or customer’s viewpoint, I think that underwriters, adjusters, and defense attorneys will find the book as useful as agents, risk managers, and policyholder attorneys. The goal is to successfully and equitably resolve claim disputes without litigation.

The book is over 350 pages long and cites over 80 court cases and dozens of real-life claim examples. I refer to it as a “readable reference” book…I wrote it in a conversational tone to make perusal palatable, but the tips and techniques presented in the book should make it a valuable reference tool for many years to come. The dozens of actual claim examples illustrate the practical application of the principles and doctrines I discuss in the book.

I also selected a publisher that shared my desire to make the book as affordable as possible, not the $100 – $250 price tag associated with most “insurance” books. The print version is priced at $24.95 and bulk discounts are available. In fact, if you want the book branded for your organization, the publisher can do that. In the future, we plan to release an ebook version and quite possibly an audio version. I would love to put a copy of the book in the hands of every insurance professional in the industry, so I hope that you will help me spread the word.

In addition to the usual marketing methods, I will be presenting keynotes and seminars based on the book around the country beginning next month. I can include book signings in addition to, or in lieu of, my regular speaking fees. If you’re interested, contact me at Bill@InsuranceCommentary.com.

Thanks and always remember to RTFP!

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