Many insurtechs talk about the “customer experience.” Their focus is usually on SELLING insurance in a way that minimizes human intervention. Translation: Fast, Easy, and Cheap. I’ve written many times before (and will again very soon) that it is IMPOSSIBLE to provide a relevant premium quote in 60 seconds or less as some insurtechs claim in their hype.

The REAL customer experience, though, is what an insured goes through following a loss. This is where traditional channels of agents and insurers have the opportunity to excel in a way a phone app never can. Yet, all too often we fail miserably.

Incidents that lead to insurance claims are often emotional and even traumatic. I wrote about my personal and largely unsatisfactory claim experience a few months ago and that involved a simple auto collision claim. Imagine a poor claim experience when someone loses everything.

Such is the case in a recent article written by Karlyn Carnahan published at In this first-hand account, Karlyn details her extended family’s experience when their homes and business were wiped out by the Paradise, California wildfire. PLEASE read this article. It addresses the critical importance of humanizing the claims process and provides constructive criticism that every insurance professional should take to heart. It also illustrates why there is more to choosing an insurance company than price.

I’ve been reading and writing articles and presenting seminars and webinars about P&C insurance claims for over 30 years and this is the most educational article I’ve read on the subject. In addition to this blog article, I’m posting a link to the article on my LinkedIn discussion board and my Facebook page as well as sharing it in the seminars and webinars I do.

Again, PLEASE read this article and share it with your coworkers and anyone you know who works in claims.

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