Young agent Jason Cass, contacted me recently about a new Agents Influence podcast series he was doing on “VIPs.” No, not Very Important Persons, but rather “Veteran Insurance Professionals.” He told me that the format was like two guys having a beer (I ordered a PBR like the millennial hipsters I embody) and talking about the insurance industry today from the veteran’s historical perspective. There are no advance questions or prep work, it’s simply him asking me questions and commenting on my comments.

He allowed me to kick off this new series with this podcast:

Are You Really Doing Your Job?” Podcast (1 hour)

If you are willing to listen to the first 30 seconds, you’ll get a series of comment excerpts I make regarding the importance of focusing on exposures then coverage then value, rather than just a list of prices from your comparative rater. I also explain how our industry does such a poor job of explaining to consumers what we do and why, relying instead on price-focused advertising. As a result most everything written by the consumer media involves how to save money on car insurance (as if the existing 50,000 articles on this subject aren’t enough to address that issue). We also discuss the value of coverage-based advertising and marketing and how telling real-life stories may be just as effective advertising and marketing tools as silly price-based vignettes.

If you’ve got an hour to kill, take a listen at this podcast and hopefully you’ll find some ammunition to tell your agency or company story to prospects and clients. And be sure to subscribe to Jason’s podcast to hear upcoming interviews with industry veterans like Chris Amrhein, Chris Burand, and Steve Anderson.

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