What does “Off Topic” mean? Short answer: I don’t know. At least I don’t know for sure yet. I’m not limiting myself. Right now I’m thinking that it will include observations, information, and opinions that are unrelated to the P&C insurance industry. Music, books, movies, science, who knows? I solemnly promise that it won’t be about politics.


Do you work to music? I often do. It helps me concentrate. So what music do I like to listen to? Here are some recommendations. I’ve linked to the CDs on Amazon, but you can find this music about anywhere, including in downloadable form from iTunes and others and streamable on Spotify.

  • Inner Voices” by R. Carlos Nakai
    Native American flute music with an orchestral arrangement.
  • Screenplaying” by Mark Knopfler
    Music from Knopfler’s (the Dire Straits guy) movie music scores like The Princess Bride.
  • Sunday Morning Coffee (I and II)” by artists like Mannheim Steamroller and Doug Smith
    The kind of music that goes well with a cup of coffee on a peaceful Sunday morning.
  • Gettysburg” by Randy Edelman
    One of the best movie soundtracks.

That’ll get you started. In the next post perhaps I’ll list a few of my favorite movies that you may not be familiar with.

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