Just to tip you off, my blogging may be a little sparse over the next two months or so. I’m writing a book with the working title “When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes.” The publisher and I are shooting for a first draft by March 1, so I’m going to be real busy for the next 8+ weeks.

The book comes from my 30 years of assisting agents in getting wrongly (IMO) denied claims paid. I share, with dozens and dozens of examples, many of these claims and, in each instance, how we pleaded our case for coverage with, I believe, a success rate at well over 90%.

It’s intended to be both a reference book and an instructional/educational tool that will be of value to agents, brokers, underwriters, adjusters, risk managers, attorneys (plaintiff and defense), and others. There’s some “legalese” in it (I can include a number of examples of how I’ve used doctrines like noscitur a sociis to get claims paid), but it’s really designed to be a practical guide to resolving coverage and claims disputes without resorting to litigation.

Until it’s ready for publication, I might be blogging less and/or posting some advance book excerpts as I write. I’ll play it by ear but wanted to let you know that I might not be as prolific for a while.

Best wishes for a great 2018!

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Bill Wilson

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