I participate in a Yahoo! email discussion group called “CIRMS.” In a recent post, California attorney Barry Zalma cautioned participants:

“If any of your clients are in the wildfire areas but suffered no fire damage, they should immediately purchase flood insurance since the denuded hillsides will turn to viscous mud when the rains come in January, February, or March. Flood is an extra coverage and not covered by homeowners, condo-owners, or basic commercial property policies. The lucky ones without fire damage face a serious risk of a non-covered loss for mudslide and flood.”

One question is whether the NFIP flood policies cover all mud damage. They don’t. To assist in determining what is or isn’t covered, CIRMS guru Cliff Treese posted the following FEMA link.

Also, you can find FEMA RCBAP flood data in the Community Association Fact Book 2016, Part Four (State Summaries)…see section #6.2 for each state.

Insureds in these areas should consider both flood insurance and DIC policies in order to properly protect themselves from both flood and earth movement.

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