I am currently working on two insurance books (one on resolving coverage and claims disputes and another on the correct intent of the ISO CGL property exclusions) and three non-insurance books (one on time management, one on presentation skills, and one I can’t talk about yet). Subscribe to my blog (on the right sidebar) or follow me on Twitter to find out when these projects will be available on Amazon and elsewhere.

White Papers

Over the years I have written and published dozens of white papers. I have a few ideas in mind for projects, but if you have any issues you’d like to see a white paper (50 pp. or less) on, let me know.


I have no idea of the exact count, but I’m pretty sure I’ve published several thousand articles over the years. I will continue to do that on this web site. Shorter articles will likely be published as blog posts and longer articles will be available as PDF downloads or white papers. If you want to reprint or otherwise distribute an article or white paper, feel free to contact me.

I  am not actively seeking writing projects, but I have been contacted recently about providing newsletter content for agents and for their customers. My fee for article production is $1.00 per word if I choose the topic and there is no regular deadline for such articles. The fee for assigned topics or regular deadlines is $1.50 per word.

I have been asked if blog posts (see below) can be reprinted without attribution. At least for now, I’m granting that permission for a fee of $0.25 per word.


My main form of communication will be the blog on this web site. As the definition of “commentary” implies, most of my blog posts will coverage explanations or opinions on industry issues.

Com•men•tar•y … an expression of opinions or offering of explanations

Unless indicated otherwise on a blog post, these posts may be reprinted without express permission if done so in accordance with the Reprint guidelines on the “Legal” page on this web site.

Note: If you want a Word document listing of all blog posts to date that includes links to the articles, category (CL, PL, Other), and word count, just email me.

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