Com•men•tar•y … an expression of opinions or offering of explanations

Another Certificate of Insurance Noose

For a number of years, issues involving certificates of insurance seemed to have calmed down. But that may be changing as a new generation of COI requestors begin to make outrageous and onerous requests of agents. But in most states, agents have a way out if they know where to look.

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Business Income (In)Complete Suspensions of Operations

A business suffers property damage that curtails their operations for several weeks or months. Is that covered by business income coverage or must there be a complete suspension of operations? As usual, it depends on the policy language and sometimes on court decisions, even decisions that may be made with inadequate information.

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A Secret Tool for Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes

Do you ever have disagreements about what a particular policy provision means, especially one that was recently modified in a new form edition? Did you know there is an online FREE tool you can access that might help you interpret the policy language or at least the form drafter’s intent?

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Am I Legally Liable?

Your insured asks, “If I do ‘X’, am I legally liable?” Or, “If ‘this’ happens, am I legally liable?” How do you respond to such questions from your customers? Do you simply refer them to an attorney or do you provide some guidance with the caveat that you’re not an attorney and not providing legal advice?

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Did you know that, in most states, it may be harder to earn a license to cut hair or fingernails than sell or service insurance? What has become of insurance education today? Is the future of insurance education? Given recent events, perhaps so.

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Collapse Coverage

The recent Surfside, Florida condominium building collapse has raised questions all over the country about whether property insurance covers the damage. Also of interest, especially given that the first lawsuit was filed in less than 24 hours following the collapse, is what liability coverage may come into play. This article addresses these issues and several lessons learned so far.

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Mental Incapacity and Intentional Loss Exclusions

Many insurance policies, both property and casualty, have exclusions for losses that are expected or intended. But what if the person who causes the loss has some degree of mental incapacitation? Is that material to whether such exclusions apply? Yes, but each claim depends on the individual facts and circumstances of that case.

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