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Customer Service: Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Good agents and brokers advocate for their customers at claim time if there is a dispute. However, how many agents (or insurer staff members) advocate for insureds before their is a claim dispute? Is your customer service proactive or reactive?

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Big Bad Voodoo Data*

Is charging consumers more for their insurance because they use a Hotmail email account or have a “non-English sounding” name a valid application of predictive modeling or does it constitute presumptive modeling? Does it matter if “big data” is riddled with bad data and bogus information as long as it improves insurer expense ratios? Is this the insurance industry’s version of voodoo economics?

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PREVENTING Coverage and Claims Disputes

When it comes to insurance claims disputes, are you proactive or reactive? In other words, is your focus first on preventing them? The best way to resolve a claim dispute is to prevent it from happening. You do that by doing your best to assist the customer in identifying their exposures to loss and insuring or risk managing them.

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What Has Happened to the Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry has changed and is changing and, in some ways, not for the better. What does the future hold for such a critical, centuries-old industry? Find out in this guest editorial from Louis Fey, CPCU, CIC, CRM, AIC.

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Duty (and Opportunity) to Read an Insurance Policy

Does an insured have a duty to read the policy? What if the insured has not been given an opportunity to read the policy before a claim? And what about the duty of agents, brokers, underwriters, adjusters, consultants, and others to read the policy?

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