Com•men•tar•y … an expression of opinions or offering of explanations

Is it Comp or Is It Collision?

While working on his car, a windstorm bends the hood back, striking the vehicle. Is the damage comp or collision? The adjuster says the latter, but what does the policy say?

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The Danger of Being TOO Helpful

A good customer service representative is usually someone who is motivated by being helpful to customers and prospect, but is it possible to be TOO helpful to the point it creates an E&O exposure?

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The Comparative Rating Illusion

Comparative rating may be efficient, but is it effective? If it was, wouldn’t we buy lots of things using that approach, like cars and boats? The fact that we don’t demonstrates what a worthless approach this is.

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‘Sort by Price’ Is Dangerous

Do comparative rating web sites “make sure you’re getting the right coverage and the right price”? Or do they “make sure” you’re more likely to make a bad decision?

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How Does GEICO Save Customers 15%?

The price-focused auto insurance advertisers talk about how much money they save consumers, often for an inferior product. How do they do that? Easy, they don’t.

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