Com•men•tar•y … an expression of opinions or offering of explanations

Improper Claim Declinations and the Value of the Agent

A tenant negligently caused a fire that damaged the premises. The tenant’s CGL adjuster denied the claim citing an exclusion for damage to property you rent or occupy. The problem is, the adjuster selectively cited policy language that appeared to exclude the loss while omitting exceptions that granted coverage.

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ISO’s 2018 Personal Auto Policy

ISO has filed a new countrywide Personal Auto program in all jurisdictions except Hawaii, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. The target effective date in most states is September 1, 2018. Some carriers may not adopt the change until later, but it is not uncommon for some carriers to adopt some or all of the changes prior to that date.

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Insurance as a Profession

Ask this question among your staff or others in the industry that you deal with: Is insurance a profession? Is an insurance agent, broker, underwriter, adjuster, consultant, etc. a professional? How do we view ourselves?

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“Following Form” Certificate of Insurance Requests

Your insured uses his umbrella/excess policy to comply with a contract’s insurance limits requirement. The certificate holder wants you to put on the certificate of insurance that he has a “following form” umbrella or excess policy. What do you do?

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Coming Soon…

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone about whether a claim was covered? Would you like to ‘win’ those disputes well over 90% of the time? If so, then keep reading….

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Draining the Insurance Fraud Swamp

To save money (and make the agent more competitive on a quote), the agent tells a personal auto insurance prospect not to report all household family members to the insurance company. Another agent deliberately underinsures a home because the policy has a “guaranteed replacement cost” provision. Is this fraud? Would you report it?

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