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Quick Update

Last week I heard from two people asking if I was OK. Yes, indeed, I’m fine, I just haven’t been blogging for the past couple of months, the main reason being that I’ve been busy on some other stuff….

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September 11, 2001 – September 11, 2021

Given recent international events, in the coming months and years, we may become as susceptible to terrorist attacks as we were 20 years ago, so perhaps it’s time to revisit those insurance issues on the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. Previously published articles of mine are no longer available, so here is my plan….

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Fried Chicken and Customer Loyalty

Growth comes from acquiring new business; profitability comes from retaining existing business. Customer loyalty, and thus retention and profitability, isn’t driven by cheap prices, AI bots, big data, nor nifty phone apps. Loyalty springs as much (or more) from the heart as the mind.

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When Policy Forms Don’t Do What You Think They Do

You attach a “broadening” endorsement to a policy, thinking that it provides a needed coverage, then a claim occurs and you find that the “broadening” endorsement doesn’t broaden as much as you thought. Here’s an example of that….

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Hail Damage Dilemma

Some insurers are apparently introducing homeowners policy provisions requiring the reporting of hail damage claims within 6 months of their occurrence, even though the damage may not be discovered for a year or more after the hail storm. One insurer limits lawsuits by policyholders on the same basis? Is this legal? Is it reasonable?

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Beware CGL Classification Endorsements!

A hardware store negligently performed an oil change on a lawn tractor. When the mower was used by the customer, the oil leaked out, damaging the engine. The store’s CGL insurer has denied the claim, citing a “classification” endorsement that applied to “hardware stores.” Is this a justifiable denial?

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Another Certificate of Insurance Noose

For a number of years, issues involving certificates of insurance seemed to have calmed down. But that may be changing as a new generation of COI requestors begin to make outrageous and onerous requests of agents. But in most states, agents have a way out if they know where to look.

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Business Income (In)Complete Suspensions of Operations

A business suffers property damage that curtails their operations for several weeks or months. Is that covered by business income coverage or must there be a complete suspension of operations? As usual, it depends on the policy language and sometimes on court decisions, even decisions that may be made with inadequate information.

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