Com•men•tar•y … an expression of opinions or offering of explanations

Insuring Faulty Workmanship

Does a CGL policy cover faulty workmanship? Well, as is often the case with insurance, it depends. It depends on the circumstances of the occurrence, on policy language, and on case law.

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More InsurTech Startup Stuff

The avalanche of industry-transforming insurtech startups continues. Are insurance phone apps now the insurtech equivalent of guitar amplifiers that go to 11?

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‘Sort by Price’ Is Lazy

Shopping for insurance based almost solely on price is lazy. It’s born from ignorance and misinformation, sadly all too often from our own industry. More important, it’s dangerous.

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Lemonade Stand Opens in California

California is the latest state to be infatuated with another insurtech startup, citing their innovative business models but apparently giving little thought to whether or not these models serve the interests of citizens.

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