Well, a little over a month ago, I posted that I was back to regular blogging with two new blog articles. I was about to publish my fifth book, “Why Insurance Doesn’t Cover the COVID-19 Pandemic” and resume a fairly regular blogging schedule.

Well, once that book went live on Halloween (fittingly), I started a new book called “Presentation Skills for the ‘Unprofessional’ Speaker” and I got caught up in it. A month of 12-14 hour days later, I published this new book based on my 40+ years of speaking professionally. I’ve been doing seminars on presentation skills for years and always wanted to convert it into a book. Well, I finally did in a furiously busy month and it’s now available on Amazon, along with my five other books.

So, with the holiday gift-giving season upon us, I’m spending much of my time this month marketing those books. In particular, I’m promoting my “7 Maxims of Time Management” book. Given that the new year is almost upon us, it’s an opportune time to adopt a system of goal setting and time management.

If you know a bibliophile into self-help and/or insurance, I have six very inexpensive books that make ideal holiday gifts.

If you visit my Amazon Author page, you can link to all of the books:

Bill Wilson’s Amazon Author Page

From each book’s Amazon page, in the upper right, you can “Buy for others” by clicking that button then following the very simple instructions.

If you have any questions or problems, shoot me an email. In the meantime, you’ll find me on LinkedIn almost daily posting with attorneys on COVID-19 insurance issues.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. For your perusal….

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